Customer Nerve Centre - 0860 444 419

Customer Nerve Centre - 0860 444 419

Transnet Freight Rail welcomes ban on scrap metal trade

Johannesburg, 2 December 2022 Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) welcomes measures by government to restrict and regulate trade in scrap metal products to limit damage to infrastructure and the economy. We are pleased that Government has acted decisively against the scourge of metal theft that doesn’t just plague Transnet, but the

Cape Town International Terminal collaborates with fruit industry to launch deciduous season

Cape Town, 02 December 2022 The Cape Town Terminal has officially launched the deciduous fruit season in collaboration with industry role players. This includes The Fresh Produce Exporters Forum South Africa (FPEF), South Africa Table Grape Industry (SATI), HORTGRO and the Western Cape Government . The terminal has had various

Transnet reaches an impasse with CRRC e-loco and considers other options

Johannesburg, 12 January 2023Transnet SOC Limited (“Transnet”) has reached an impasse with CRRC E-Loco Supply, following unwillingness on the part of CRRC to engage with the relevant authorities in South Africa to normalise its operations in the country.As a matter of urgency, in the next few weeks Transnet will therefore

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