Transnet Podcast Series at Mining Indaba, hosted by Gugu Mfuphi

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Transnet is championing partnerships in Africa and aims to build integrated transport systems via railway lines and across oceans.

In this interview, Fadzai Nyamasve talks about how Transnet wears a commercial hat in everything it does to meet the needs of businesses while lowering operations costs.

She stated that Transnet was looking ahead into the future to see how it could utilise existing assets to grow its business operations in a developing continent that needs more infrastructure.

Trains run beyond South Africa’s borders. Transnet’s ownership and management of 80% of the rail infrastructure in Africa, solidifies its position as a true leader in rail transport operations.

Nyamasve went on further to say that the rest of the continent looked up to Transnet for best practices on how to operate and collaborate. Transnet currently has a rail corridor running through several mining countries between the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa.

Transporting commodities on the same rail network will lower costs for industries. This would result in proper utilisation of maritime corridors, effectively creating or strengthening opportunities across oceans into West Africa.

Nyamasve closed by mentioning that port systems in west Africa are good, making it cheaper for shipping lines to transport goods by sea instead of land.