Episode 1: Port Master Plans with Managing Executive for the eastern region of Transnet Port Authority, Moshe Motlohi, hosted by Gugu Mfuphi

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Transnet Port Authority is one of 6 divisions at Transnet. It is a key enabler in logistics and the final stop of the supply chain when it comes to exports. In this interview, Moshe Motlohi outlines the challenges that come with managing South Africa’s ports.

Motlohi says that ports are like the United Nations where countries meet. South Africa cannot trade with the rest of the world without the oceans and to access these trade routes Transnet Port Authority needs to manage various stakeholders.

Transnet also markets is ports operations to make sure that other countries and businesses knows about its services.

Motlohi says they are also keeping an eye on transformation, ensuring that opportunities are available to people who have been denied entry to the sector in the past.

Transnet Port Authority also needs to make sure that its ports are accessible via good road and rail networks. Inefficiencies may pop up, but Motlohi says every storm has helped Transnet to rise to the challenge.